This is Penn State: Bridges to Prosperity[/embed]

This summer, students in Penn State’s Bridges to Prosperity helped construct a footbridge in Panama, creating a lot of Nittany Lion fans in the process. In this episode, past President Hannah Greider explains why Bridges to Prosperity was a life-changing experience for both the students and the villagers.

This is Penn State: Flipping for the Drum Major[/embed]

Drum major Jimmy Frisbie leads the beloved Blue Band with energy and skill. Perhaps there’s no better evidence than the expertly executed flip — and split — he unleashes in front of a raucous Beaver Stadium crowd.

This is Penn State: Clown Nose Club[/embed]

Genuine positivity is wildly contagious. Just ask the Penn State Clown Nose Club.

This is Penn State: Help for Honeybees[/embed]

The hard-working honeybee is facing tough times, but Penn State researchers are searching for a solution.