This is Penn State: Theater Magic[/embed]

A parched earth gets relief and an audience is transported — all thanks to the magic of live theater. Chris Swetcky, the School of Theatre’s technical director, offers a bottom-to-top look at the scenic technology that brought “110 in the Shade” to life.

This is Penn State: Bridges to Prosperity[/embed]

This summer, students in Penn State’s Bridges to Prosperity helped construct a footbridge in Panama, creating a lot of Nittany Lion fans in the process. In this episode, past President Hannah Greider explains why Bridges to Prosperity was a life-changing experience for both the students and the villagers.

This is Penn State: Flipping for the Drum Major[/embed]

Drum major Jimmy Frisbie leads the beloved Blue Band with energy and skill. Perhaps there’s no better evidence than the expertly executed flip — and split — he unleashes in front of a raucous Beaver Stadium crowd.

This is Penn State: Clown Nose Club[/embed]

Genuine positivity is wildly contagious. Just ask the Penn State Clown Nose Club.

This is Penn State: Help for Honeybees[/embed]

The hard-working honeybee is facing tough times, but Penn State researchers are searching for a solution.

‘This is Penn State’: Fast Times at Lehigh Valley[/embed]

With a cycling track a few miles from campus, Penn State Lehigh Valley has become a destination for those with dreams of cycling glory.

‘This is Penn State’: Coach Chambers[/embed]

Men’s basketball coach Patrick Chambers is all about attitude. This episode offers his guide to slam dunking problems with the power of positive thinking.

This is Penn State: Dairy Barns Bonus[/embed]

In this bonus clip, “This is Penn State” shows the high-tech process behind gathering the milk that makes Berkey Creamery ice cream so fresh and so delicious.

This is Penn State: Berkey Creamery[/embed]

Milk, cream, sugar – simple ingredients that most us have in our refrigerators and cupboards, but Tom Palchak, operations manager for Berkey Creamery at Penn State, takes these ingredients and makes some of the most heavenly concoctions that most have ever tasted, and Tom won’t take the credit for it. There is a small army of bovines on the edge of campus that produce the milk and cream that is the foundation for most Creamery products. Watch this installment of “This is Penn State” as Tom sends Bill to university dairy operations to see where the “magic” happens.

This Is Penn State Shorts: What’s up with the size of that cone?[/embed]

Most patrons who leave the Creamery with a cone or a dish are very rarely left wanting for more. The regulation Penn State portion is already several ounces more that than the national average. Add to this, Creamery employees who are sometimes, a little free with the scooper, and you have a battle that falls on the shoulders of the Creamery Manager. In this installment of “This is Penn State:Shorts,” Bill Zimmerman interviews Tom Palchak as he details what is a dilemma for the Creamery, but a windfall for its customers.